Stellar Revolutions Mission Statement

To Engage In The Business Of Marketing, Managing, And Developing Talent And Commercial Enterprises

Our Focus Is On Brand Identities That Leave Make An Impact And Will Leave Your Imprint On The Market

We Break Through The Barriers That Block The Way In Achieving Company Goals And Objectives

Yours And Ours

What Will Make You, Your Product, Your Service


Branding Relevance Is The Stuff Of Legends

  What is a legend? Words that explain a legend is a story, a marvel, and celebrity. When you are branding something, you are making a mark. One of the most crucial assets a company or person could own is their brand. A brand speaks volumes about your product, service, or message. In the beginning it makes a statement, and as time goes on, it builds your reputation.

Stellar Revolutions Vision and Primary Objectives

To better focus the marketing mix with client relevant marketing strategy with emphasis on building customer relationships by enhancing customer experience.

Stellar Revolution’s marketing services will offer foresight, insight, from hindsight into what sells, and what doesn’t by discovering and defining what constitutes customer loyalty.

This is achieved through customer relationship management, customer relationship marketing, and sound business management.


Market Visionary

The Marketplace Is Where You Find

What You Didn’t Know You Were Looking For

The foresight to imagine, detect, and/or create emerging markets. “The term "emerging market" now often means dynamic, lucrative, fast-growing, or revised markets in contrast with existing ones. Important indicators emerging markets is the strong growth potential, or existing evidence of growing popularity with need and demand working in relationship to supply and demand.



Company Culture And Values

To Promote Our Community and Neighboring Communities Through Branding  Personal Talents, Products, Service, and Skills Fostering Integrity, Trust, And Prosperity In These Difficult Economic Times.


Business Services

Graphic Design
Image Consulting









Our Best Strategy Begins With Our Best Efforts


Through The Initiatives Of The Nine "P's" And The Five I’s Of Marketing And Business Planning:


Marketing managers use this marketing mix to try and engage their customers and convert the sales cycle. Seems simple doesn’t it? All you need to do is add a half a cup of Promotion, a dash of Price, and a pinch of Product and you have the recipe for success. Well… not really.

The truth is, marketing has to be customer centric, and although the customer is what completes the adjoining sales cycle, it is also the customer that drives the entire marketing mix. Basically, the entire process starts and stops with the customer – this is the only sure fire recipe for success, anything else is just the “smoke and mirrors” that gives marketing a bad name in the corporate atmosphere. Let’s evaluate how this is true for each of the Nine P’s of the marketing mix. 

 Info on the Five P's of Social Media


The Five I's of Branding Identity

u  Innovation – Coming up with new and creative ideas and strategies. “Effective strategy plans are a means to accomplish an end. Think of strategy as creating tomorrow,” (Kent, 2010). Always plan for your next step even after you have reached your planned objectives. Your future objectives are often subjective to what your customers, members, and website users are thinking, feeling, and saying.

u  Invitation – Soliciting customers to your website through word-of-mouth, e-mails, and link icons from other websites.

u  Incentives – That will create value and prove beneficial to users and members

u  Individuality -- Customized and personalized to Customer preferences, along with their cultural, social, and professional needs met. All parties involved are partners in making your social networking site a success.

u  Interface – An attractive, eye-catching, user-friendly, and entertaining website with a variety of services and activities which will result in a diversified revenue stream.

SWOT'S Analysis
  1. Recognize Your Strengths
  2. React & Respond To Your Weaknesses
  3. Regroup To Seize Opportunities
  4. Rebuild Where There Are Weaknesses To Reinforce Strengths And Combat Threats
  5. Reflect On How Effective We Predict Our Strategy To Be


Trends and Elements to Watch For:

1.  Economic Trends – The State or Health of The Economic Environment

2. Customer Preference Trends -- Unfulfilled wants, needs, and popular trends

3. Lifestyle Trends – Fashion, Music, Technology, Sociologic, Cultural, Generational

4. Needs Trends – What unknown needs have not yet been met that individuals and businesses have?





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