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Greetings Potential Colleagues:

The Store is Where You Go to Find What You’re Looking For

The Marketplace Is Where The Consumer Finds What They Didn’t Know They Were Looking For. 

            What is marketing? Marketing is all about the value of that exchange to your customers, and then back to you. The most appealing aspect of marketing to me is the ability to serve the customer by fulfilling their wants and needs on behalf of the company I will represent.

     I seek employment with a company as a Market Representative/Consultant to facilitate and fulfill all of your Marketing objectives and needs. I possess the skills, education, and experience necessary to implement strategies that I have developed to impact areas in marketing in communications, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Relationship Marketing Social Customer Relationship Management, Brand Marketing, and Consumer Behavior just to name a few.  .            

            I look forward to the future ahead for opportunities to be creative and challenged.


Caroline Westhall-Miller


Work History

October 2010 to Current

CEO Stellar Revolutions

Stellar Revolutions is an Independent Marking/Consulting Company engaged in the business of managing, developing, promoting, and operating commercial enterprises and efforts.
Stellar's initiatives employ personalized marketing strategies that focus on building customer relationships and enhancing customers' experiences.

What barriers block the way to achieving your company's Goals and Objectives?
What will make your product or service Relevant?
Branding Relevance Is The Stuff of Legends

Managed and Developed the formation of the band;Backlock

Assited in the devlopment and marketing of budgeting and reconciliation software BudgieBoy

August 2010 to March 2012 Dollar General Corp Watsontown, PA

Cashier – Providing consistent and exceptional customer service

Sales Associate – Attentive to and anticipate each and every customer’s individual needs and wants through Dollar General’s diverse selection of merchandise.

Merchandising – Working with the team to maintain a clean, organized, and well-stocked store.

September 2008 to September 2009    Macy's Inc., Lycoming Mall Pennsdale, PA 570-546-6998

Women's Better Sportswear. Juniors and Moderates

Sales Associate –

Maintained department standards through merchandising, design, and plan-o-gram activities

Optimized sales through acquiring credit, (customer loyalty), accounts

Provided outstanding personal customer service through approach and demonstration of merchandise along with discussions of personal style wants and/or needs.

July 2007 to July 2008 Macy’s Inc.  Pheasant Lane Mall Nashua, NH 603-891-3800

Men's Clothing and Men's Suits

Sales Associate -

Anticipate customer needs and wants and initiate cross-selling and up-selling techniques.

Maintained department standards merchandising, design, and plan-o-gram activities.

Optimized sales through acquisition of credit,(customer loyalty),accounts

Provided outstanding personal customer service through accurate measuring, styling, and selling menswear to suit customer’s current or future needs.

1991- 2000   Hairs To You Hair Salon   Brooklyn, NY

Hair Stylist Colorist Receptionist

Managed the hair salon in the owner’s absence in all salon activities to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

1985-2005       Freelance Hair Stylist      Brooklyn NY

Provided personal door-to-door salon services on demand at client’s home or workplace.

1980-1984     Louis Guy D Hair Salon New York City, NY

Assistant Junior Hairstylist

Managed and trained fellow assistants in the salon in accordance to owners’ standards

Greeted and prepared clients for master stylists.

Volunteer Work

1985-2012 Volunteer for Children’s Ministry

Instructed children of all ages in religious instruction along with guidance and assistance for each child’s unique spiritual need with and/or upon parental request and consent.

References Upon Request


Colorado Technical University Online Degree and Professional Business Certificates

Professional Strengths

Strong organizational skills appropriating work into efficient slots and intervals in order to complete tasks within deadlines. This strategy decreases time wasted so that you will actually be getting the work done thus increasing productivity.

Strong Communication Skills integrated with good listening skills effects appropriate professional, personal, and public presentation skills.

Proficient Computer Skills in Microsoft Office, E-mail, Desktop Publishing, Photo Editing, and quick to learning new software applications. In general > computer savvy.

Advancement Interests:

   My Professional Portfolio Is a Work-In-Progress Containing a Collection Of Business Communications, Writing,

   Presentations, Marketing/Ad Designs, and Digital Photography

 Personal and Special Interests:

    References upon request